Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hello love muffins,hope you guys had an awesome raya & Holiday! ;) Just a mini update again for today,hope you'll love it as much as we do!


Alexis(SOLD OUT)

Fits uk4-uk10

Description:-Personally our favourite ;) big round studs on the corner, gold buttons on the 3 quarter sleeves,thick cotton.


Status:2 SOLD,

Victoria(SOLD OUT)

Fits uk4-uk10

Description:-Lace and exposed zipper together,and you'll get this lovely delicate combination ;)
Fully lining,except for the arms.Cute baby doll cutting ;)



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raya promotion

First off,we would like to wish all of our lovely love muffins a Selamat Hari Raya,maaf zahir dan batin and to the others Happy holidays! ;D

In conjunction of raya,we're having a Raya promotion

If you can make payment within 24 hours of confirmation,we're offering free shipping! (Post laju ofcourse!)
*This apply to all items!*
Hurry,promotions ends on 25th of september 09'

ps-One important message,have a safe journey back home guys!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini updates!

Hey love muffins!

Just a small updates for tonight,something I managed to grab between lunch time of work! lol
till then,Hopefully we'll bring back more goodies soon! ;)

*Important news love muffins*

ps:-There's been a prob with my 017 number,my hp went k.o,so please for now no more texting or calling,do email me instead,Thanks.


That zipper bag(SOLD OUT)

*Back of the bag*

Description:-Made out of high quality man made leather,has the awesome zipper trimmings,one zipped compartment on the inside.Zipped closure on front,back and at the main opener of the bag,not to mention a magnet closure too .Straps are adjustable and last but not least ,it has a foot stud. ;) Too cute to pass.

Featured in diary of an E shopaholic and your shopping kaki! ;)

If you want us to restock this,a full payment (including shipping) is required and we only go to the supplier's place on Wednesday only,hurry while stock last.E-mail us.

*Shipping for these babies are RM8 (W/msia) & RM10 (E/msia)


Paint Splat! (SOLD OUT)

Fits uk4-uk12

Description:-Comes with the oh so famous stud clincher,absolutely free! long and loose enough to wear with your sexy leggings.Exclusively comes in 2 colour only.Material is cotton not too thick and not to thin,perfect enough for our weather.Wear it as it is if for the sexy and edgier sure some of you saw this top was sold at a cheaper price in another blog but please take note that not all suppliers has the same price,we got it at around the price that the other blog is selling,explains the higher price.Thanks.

Featured by diary of an E shopaholic. ;)


Black:-SOLD-Hui Ling