Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vintage babes!

Calling all vintage lovers! We are proud to say that we've just launched our new "VINTAGE SHOP" Yeaaayyy!! XD Yes a vintage shop for all of you vintage babes!! Calling all vintage lovers!!! The banner is still under construction,so If you wana visit our vintage shop click the link below! ;p (yes it's wifee with a double e )


Monday, October 13, 2008

Vintage Post.

Yes,We have vintage dresses for you too! We present to you this retro polkadots and flowery dress that we found in this old small vintage shop somewhere out of KL,yes people this is an original genuine vintage piece,not some dress that only look old and they call it "vintage".Now we all know that a piece like this worth a lot,bare in mind on how expensive this dresses were back at the time when p.ramlee was every teenage girl's crush.Only the rich and famous could afford this dresses! and now history is repeating it self.This piece is very precious so we hope you handle em with care! To get in the mood I've edited the picture to look old and rusty ;p

Both dresses would look awsome with clinchers! *wink
Orange Polkadot
Status:-SOLD!Please take not that one of the button on this dress is missing,you can see on the picture above(it's a vintage what do you expect)

Flowery Vintage

For fast deal on this 2 dresses ONLY sms to:-0176267996

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ruffles Gingham(SOLD OUT)

OMG look at the ruffles! *faint nuff said!
How often do you see a gingham with a lil "twist" down there? ;p

For fast deal on this particular top ONLY sms to:-0176267996

Take note:-The honeyDew's going for RM33.00,because one button is missing!
Brand new!

Victoria(SOLD OUT)

Now this has got to be the most elegant victorian-like cardigan I've ever seen! O_O I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it!! The beautiful embroidery and the workmanship of it is superb! It's a bit pricy but trust me it's worth it!AND the cute ribbon behind to emphasize your body shape! it's to die for!!

If you think this is pricy,try checking in other blogshops! we're the cheapest!

For fast deal on this particular cardi ONLY sms to:-0123305045

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk10

"Thee" plaid!(SOLD OUT!)

I think every girl should own one of this in their wardrobe? right? ;p It comes in 3 colours blue,green and red.But Green was sold in Bijou..But this 2 colours are ADORABLE too!! come get yours! This top is a must have for this season ladies! *wink

For fast deal on this particular top ONLY sms to:-0176267996

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to M
Recommended for uk4 to uk10

2 Way bag ( SOLD OUT!)

Why is it a 2 way bag? Because you can wear it as a normal handbag or as a sling bang! awhsome!! XD me likey! PERFECT for students,business women or just for casual normal day in the mall wear! right? The design is also simple and stylish! *wink

(Back)Look at the gorgeous braid handle!
A close up! ;p
Yes indeed! it has phone compartment! XD
For fast deal on this particular bag ONLY sms to:-0123305045


Boyfriend Plaids(SOLD OUT)

++ Non restockable!++
Now this is simple yet relaxing right? I know! we have so many plaids that this girl in bijou even said "omg there's so many plaids here I can't decide!" tehehe Well,we know not all of you likes the same type of plaids right? So now go choose which one you like! ;p But what's special about this one is that,It's slightly longer on the back! Great to cover you booty-licious right? haha Comes with a black skinny belt! =)

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk10
Milky Milk:-SOLD!
Rasberry:-SOLD in bijou
Blueberry:-SOLD in bijou
Creamy Cream:-SOLD!
Minty Mint:-SOLD in bijou

Howdy Partner(SOLD OUT!)

This is adorable don't you think so? I love it! Soo many people were holding in Bijou but was distracted with the "giant plaids" LoL I don't know,BUT I think this is more for me! How bout you guys? Especially you girls who wants to look more smaller and slimmer ;p Cute small plaid are more for you right? *wink wink and This one is not as long as the Giant plaids,it' slightly shorter but also long!So it's for you tudung clad girls too =)
Accecories are not included!
But it's for sale!

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk 10
Status:-Howdy Blue:-SOLD!
Howdy Black:-SOLD!
Howdy Red:-SOLD!

Giant Plaids (SOLD OUT)

+++This item has been RESTOCK AGAIN!!!!Come get yours before it's too late!+++

I know,I know this is a common design!( But it's still a big hit in bijou bazaar!teheh) But how often do you come across a pattern like this with this type of cutting? right? *raise eyesbrows repetitively =p I usually see ones that doesn't cover your backside ;p This one is long and the sleeves is adjustable meaning you can be sexy or covered like how I would usually wear ;p Comes with a black skinny Belt!

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk12
Status:-Hot Pink:-4 SOLD
Blue:-4 SOLD,
Grey:-4 SOLD,


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bijou fever

Aaaaahh just came back from bijou bazaar and it was awesome! evetho it was not as crowded as before and the crowd was quite disappointing but still we had loads of fun! And hey! who knew that less stalls and less customers make me earn MORE profit than I made the first time I went to bijou.Honestly this second time was the best,simply because the first time I was there,I was sharing a booth with 5 people! Yeah Imagine how cluttered and packed my booth was and we were sooo not ready,we didn't bring any table cloth,plastic bags...etc...sooo much more! We were amateurs back then ;p So now I've come prepared! and this time it was only two of us! Oh and one "guy" slave ofcourse! ;p I enjoyed it this time,last time was so stressfull and tiring,this time is more relax and laid back (konon da expert la kan).Gahhh Malas to comment any further so lets just enjoy the pictures I took! Oh oh and dont forget to wait for my updates on the top tomorrow yah? you know all the gingham's I posted yesterday?! I sold like HALF of it! haha,so there's only 6 pieces left for you guys! BUT worry no more cause I still have 2 more gingham's design that I haven't upload the pictures yet! ahhh Ok I better stop crapping..JUST wait for the updates tomorrow! cause right now I'm tooo excited to just post the pictures of the event and too lazy to post the pictures of the tops,plus there's still some that I haven't took pictures yet..

You wanna see how cute our stall was?
It's sooo nice and simple! waayyy better than last time! me likey! XD
The rainbow cassettes were selling like hot cake okayh! That one is sold out! send in your orders now if you would like to own them too! Only RM7.00! =D
and you see those cute black bows pin on the right? Jezmine the shopper bought 2 from us! XD.It's soo cute! we still have 2 more and it's only RM3.00!
The first thing that I sold was the yellow checkered you see there! so yeah,there you go ladies..Now you know the yellow's gone! tehehe..Ok that's all you're getting..just wait for tomorrow's update! =D
Over there on the left you can see my stall partner "Nina" who is actually the owner of "fattycake closet" (which is currently dead at the mo her blog,but she'll be joining forces with me soon) and on the right there is my slave! XD hahah a.k.a my cousin ;p
Nina trying to impersonate Audrey Hepburn like the second pic from right! ;p (which btw was a hit! The Audrey's were selling like hot cake too! AND it's only RM5.00! YES the picture including the frame is RM5.00,we don't just have Audrey,we have Beatles,queen,Marilyn..u name it!we still have some more if you're interested, send in those emails!)
and my slave giving his emo "look" ;p
By this time,he was bored like hell so he decided to doodle on the envelope that I use for the pendant.
Yeah he doodled all of it except the second on the left,I did that ;p *raise eyebrows repetitively hahaha
Look at those vintage shoes! Yes ladies all of em are original branded vintage shoes! from fendi to prada! I'm gonna sell some of it online soon!
This was MY FAV!!! it's versace! IT'S OHH SOOO NICEEEE ...
But it's a friggin size 4!! It's too small for my giant feet! -___-"
fret no more,to all of you petite ladies,I'll be selling it here real soon!
This was my fav too,it's an ankle boot, but as usual it's too small for me.-___-" it's a size 36 and a half,but it best fits size 5..Bidding starts at RM60,it's an original vintage by Patrick Crox
Now who said handling a booth was easy?...I was sleepy as hell ok.Honestly I was quite insecure to interact with some of the customers cause I was soo hairy that time,didn't had the time to go tread in bangsar! hahah AND I met alot of online bloggers like MustardQueen,Jezmine,Nalisa...But mustardqueen came pretty late tho,we were getting ready to close at the time she arrived.

My fav jpeg of the day! ;p
This was actually for sale! and it's only RM20.00 and it's brand new,but I guess people tot it was a decoration! -___-"
Yeah that's us! =D

Met the legendary JEZMINE THE SHOPPER,her stall was just across us!! To all of you bloggers who doesn't know who jezmine is,what planet have you been living on? -__-"
She has got to be the most famous Malaysian fashion blogger ever! and how cute is she real live? she is SO petite and SO fragile I feel like breaking her bones! hahahah seriously! with that soft voice of hers..OMG...hahah and I feel like a giant standing next to her! -___-" Cause I was usually the one who would always feel like a hobbit most of the times when I'm standing next to someone.She's soo nice tho! XD Nina bought a belt from her,the vintage brooch that I wanted was all sold in her blog! -____-" tough luck!
This is another one,how extremely small is she? I mean,body wise (nasib tinggi)....look at me! (PS-I had to crop this picture cos it was showing to much of my elephant arms) You see this is the kinda people that when I see i'll be stress straight away and make me realize how friggin fat am I -____-"
hahah But she was so nice and she's so pretty in real live,seriously first time I met her before raya at bijou...can't stop staring at her.....haha no,I'm straight..don't worry ;p.Oh and I actually wanted to buy some shawls from her but I had no idea why I was hesitating at that time and now I'm regretting like hell!! -___-" gaaaaahhh! I am generally a shy person..I remembered talking to her..I wanted to say "lekat" and I said "gelak instead WTH? 0_O THAT was embarrasing! lol
Lol but hopefully I'll see her again in the next upcoming bijou (when ever that is! lol)

Oh and I just found this picture like a minute ago in facebook at this photographer's page!tehehe It's the first pic of the album! and It was so random of the guy to just come and ask us to smile! LOL..


The Guitar,The anchor and The cassette pendants are RM7.00
The dollar pendant:-RM5.00
The Skull Pins:-RM6.00
You can request any colours you want! =)