Monday, October 13, 2008

Vintage Post.

Yes,We have vintage dresses for you too! We present to you this retro polkadots and flowery dress that we found in this old small vintage shop somewhere out of KL,yes people this is an original genuine vintage piece,not some dress that only look old and they call it "vintage".Now we all know that a piece like this worth a lot,bare in mind on how expensive this dresses were back at the time when p.ramlee was every teenage girl's crush.Only the rich and famous could afford this dresses! and now history is repeating it self.This piece is very precious so we hope you handle em with care! To get in the mood I've edited the picture to look old and rusty ;p

Both dresses would look awsome with clinchers! *wink
Orange Polkadot
Status:-SOLD!Please take not that one of the button on this dress is missing,you can see on the picture above(it's a vintage what do you expect)

Flowery Vintage

For fast deal on this 2 dresses ONLY sms to:-0176267996

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