Sunday, October 12, 2008

Howdy Partner(SOLD OUT!)

This is adorable don't you think so? I love it! Soo many people were holding in Bijou but was distracted with the "giant plaids" LoL I don't know,BUT I think this is more for me! How bout you guys? Especially you girls who wants to look more smaller and slimmer ;p Cute small plaid are more for you right? *wink wink and This one is not as long as the Giant plaids,it' slightly shorter but also long!So it's for you tudung clad girls too =)
Accecories are not included!
But it's for sale!

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk 10
Status:-Howdy Blue:-SOLD!
Howdy Black:-SOLD!
Howdy Red:-SOLD!

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