Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fabulous tops for fabulous you!

Hey love muffins~

Now remember Fabulous-you? Our sister site? Just wanna inform yah that Fabulous-you is now officially closed ;( BUT no worries coz we are happy to announce that all of their "fabulous" items has been transfered here! *wink
So come get your darling hands on it before some one else grab it first!

Basic Sexy Halter

Everybody needs to own one of this baby in their closet dont ya think? ;p
I mean it's simple yet sexy,and if you're the type who likes to grab everybody's attention and be the center of attraction,this would be perfect for you! I know,looks more like a clubbers outfit right? but scroll down a lil more and you'll be surprise by how "formal" it would look like if you know what to match it with! Tottaly chic!
*belts is also for sale,scroll down at the older post*
Think you got a sexy package? then wear it just like that and flaunt it! ;p
Or why not go crazy and match it with crazyy bubblegum colours and you'll get and adorable look like below! From sexy to innocent girl next door kinda look ;p what's next? formal? scroll down ladies...
Check this out! Tottaly chic dont you think? Who knew something so sexy would make the perfect outfit to go to the office? ;p In a way,it can be formal and informal! the club and to the office! ;p
* That elegant handbag is tottaly for sale!(and it's the last piece) scroll down to see older post*
and here's very casual look,a great combonation to go chill with your friends and family ;)
Here's how the halter neck looks like ;)And yes like I said before,if you got it...then why not flaunt it ;p or to be on the safe side,wear something over it! ;)
ps- Tottaly comes with the black tube inside! ;D

was RM35


The Butterfly Fairy

We think this piece is absolutely adorable! Very mtyh-like and instantly reminds us of fairy tales and fairies! *giggles* I looovvee fairies! ;p and plus look at the cutting of the flow,tottaly one of a kind.You can wear this as formal too babe! Just tuck it in and voila! a formal look you have! ;p
And not to mention the adorable ribbon in the middle! ;D

Material:-Chiffon,fully lining except the arms.

Like I said before,just tuck in it and you're ready to go to the office! :)
Tips:-Best pair with high-waisted skirts/pants! *wink

Was RM45

White-SOLD! (not in picture)

Corset Goddess

The name itself is uber sexy,dont you think? Very moulin-rouge inspired! Look at the gorgeous lacey ruffles!just screams out sexy! Makes you feel sexy when ever you put it on,and it's padded too,to give you the more sexy daring look! ;p If you think that is sexy,wait till you see the back part!

*close up at the lacey ruffles

woaah...Jaw dropping much? haha

Was RM45

White-SOLD! (not in picture)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thug-A-Lug(SOLD OUT)

Yes we call this The Thug-A-Lug,because you can simply dump anything inside here.It's the perfect size,not too big and not too small.It's simple yet there's a lil bit of an edge too it,with a lil hook on the side it just simplify the look.Perfect for all occasion, Doesn't matter if it's a day in the mall with your girlfriends,a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or even wear it to college and to work! How convenient is this bag! Comes in 3 awesome colours and for a price this cheap,you gotta be kidding me if you're still not tempted! *wink If simple is your style,then this is the bag for you! =D

Material-Pu Leather

The inside compartment,and ofcourse there's a phone compartment and more to put your make-ups,wallet know us girls! hehe ;p

There's a lil hook on each side to give a lil bit of an edge to this simple look! Perfect for all of you simple rockstar!

Spotted by the luxurious fashionista! =D

Dark Green-:SOLD!

*Shipping for this bag is RM9 for WM and RM14 for EM

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Our Audrey/Blair dress got spotted! thanks to "shopping critique"


Friday, November 28, 2008

Bijou Bazaar/ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL: Joujou + Shugi 001

Make a date with us at the ARTrage Lab@Soho KL,tomorrow! This time we're gona be there on saturday and sunday,so there's no excuse for you to miss us! ;p It's gonna be massive as it is not just a bazaar but also an art convention and there's live performance too! SO BE THERE!!

Date:Saturday and Sunday (29 & 3o nov 08)
Location:Soho KL,Solaris Mont'Kiara, 2 Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

for more info visit



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Modern Audrey

This top is sooooo Blair waldorf/Audrey Hepburn! Obviously you girls know who they are! so no need any introduction! Just look at it! O_O It was love at first sight! Just can't resist the 3 cute ribbons and the super adorable striking colours!! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
You can wear it as both top and mod dress!!

Material:-Stretchable thick cotton with a zipper on the side =)
Brand new!
Was RM49.00
NOW RM39.00
White with black ribbon-SOLD OUT!
Pink-2 SOLD!
Purple-2 Available
Black with white ribbon-1 SOLD,1 Available
Blue-2 Available

Fringe tote(SOLD OUT!)

Fringe is in! Yes now everybody is crazy over fringe shoes,fringe bags! You name it! and we've got one for you! You'll love it and at this affordable price? You've gotta be kidding me if you're still not tempted! ;p Super adorable! Just love it! and ofcourse the metal strap are inspired by the famous channel 2.55,so I guess everybody knows that you can wear it both ways sling and like normal handbags! *wink
There's 2 colours! Black and brown! =)


BrownInside has a compartment and a zip closure! ;)

Brand new!
WAS RM45.00
NOW RM.39.00 ONLY!
(try checking other shops,we're the cheapest!)

Preppy Chuck(SOLD OUT)

Looking for something super cute and super preppy for your dear boyfie? or for your crush maybe? ;p
Yes,this shirt instantly reminds me of the one and only,"thee" sexy chuck bass! (*melting) How cute will your boyfriend look in this?
-Spotted* Topshop,selling something uber similar,but ofcourse with the price that burns your pocket! So why not buy this from us and steal their look,AND pay only half the price? Super cute!Just love the colour combination!

Design 1

Design 2
Design 3
Brand new!
WAS RM50.00
Design 1
Design 2
Size M-SOLD!
=Size L-SOLD!
Design 3
=Size M-SOLD!
=Size L-SOLD!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yeay! Looks like not just our belt got featured! OUR satc Inspired bag got featured too!!
Yeay to The luxurious Fashionista and detailed wear!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yeay!Our belt got featured!!
Thanks to A shopaholic's den and detailed wear for featuring us! =)

Updated!!! (18/11/08)

Hey love muffins!

We have just updated our blog with awesome stuffs! We surely hope you'll love it as much as we do!! and to all of you who missed out on our ever so famous GIANT PLAIDS,good news for you! we've restock it with 2 pieces each colour! So come grab it before it's gone again! and we bring you the now famous braided belt,last but not least a very sex and the city inspired handbag! You're gonna love it!

If you wish to purchase anything,you know the drill

Have a great day darlings!!


High-Class Diva (SOLD OUT!)


(Black *front)

(Brown *back)
(Brown *front)

(Close up at the marvelous design)(Inside *Has a phone compartment,even a pen comparment and more pockets for you to stuff your make ups! =p)
This is the most fabulous bag ever! It looks soo designer bag inspired! guess,liz claiborne,bally topshop? You named it! It looks so classy and high class AND most importantly looks fabulous with just about anything! You can pull this off with the most dull top ever and this will still look fabulous on you! It totally compliment your whole outfit! Made out of SUPERB quality,100% quaranteed! Comes with a dust bag.Don't you think this bag looks so sex and the city! or maybe gossip girl! Tottaly Serena Venderwoodsen or Carrie Bradshaw.Comes in 2 colour! brown and black.So worth the price! You wont regret!

COD is available for this bag,but only within Subang Jaya and USJ.
Email us for more info

Superb material!
WAS RM100.00
NOW RM85.00!

*Shipping for this bag is RM10 for WM and RM15 for EM