Friday, December 19, 2008

Thug-A-Lug(SOLD OUT)

Yes we call this The Thug-A-Lug,because you can simply dump anything inside here.It's the perfect size,not too big and not too small.It's simple yet there's a lil bit of an edge too it,with a lil hook on the side it just simplify the look.Perfect for all occasion, Doesn't matter if it's a day in the mall with your girlfriends,a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or even wear it to college and to work! How convenient is this bag! Comes in 3 awesome colours and for a price this cheap,you gotta be kidding me if you're still not tempted! *wink If simple is your style,then this is the bag for you! =D

Material-Pu Leather

The inside compartment,and ofcourse there's a phone compartment and more to put your make-ups,wallet know us girls! hehe ;p

There's a lil hook on each side to give a lil bit of an edge to this simple look! Perfect for all of you simple rockstar!

Spotted by the luxurious fashionista! =D

Dark Green-:SOLD!

*Shipping for this bag is RM9 for WM and RM14 for EM

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