Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The zig zag Bag (SOLD OUT!)

Want something simple yet cute AND not forgetting affordable for you to bring it to work OR college? Notice that I emphasize the "or"? scroll down a lil bit more and you'll see why this bag is perfect for both college and work! :D
The design is just simple and nice,not too much and just nice ;) Not forgetting the cute and unique braided strap? and if you don't feel like wearing the braided strap,you can always use the other one where you can make it as a sling or as a normal handbag! yes it comes with 2 straps! How awesome is that? Meaning the straps are detachable! Oh and why we call it the zig zag bag? if you look closely at the strap and at the middle of the bag it has a zig zag design! :P

+non restockable+

If you don't feel like wearing it as a normal handbag,why not change the strap and use it as a sling bag instead! it's perfect for college as it is just the right size for you to put your books in! :D

A closer view at the gorgeous braids strap ;)
and yes totally detachable!

Has a zip closure ;)


Postal rate apply for this item is RM9 for w/msia and RM14 for e/msia

Denim Leggings (SOLD OUT!)

++BAD NEWS!! ;( THOUSAND APOLOGIES BABES! the supplier just called us and said that they're out of stock too!! just when we taught that we can bring you more!++

We bring you our very own first collection,of denim leggings.Ever feel like one of those lazy days that you just dont feel like putting on your jeans,but instead you want a leggings that has denim material?
voila! we bring you this denim leggings! =D *Lame..haha excuse the lameness.
Superb quality I tell yah! *wink


Dark Blue
Free size
Will fit up to UK12
*model is a uk12*
Black-3 SOLD!
Dark blue-SOLD OUT!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong xi fa cai

We from the b.o.j team would like to wish everyone here a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year and a happy holidays!

Starting from today till 29th Jan 09'
Everyone will get a 10% discount for every second item they purchase from us!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preppy guys(SOLD OUT!)

Haven't found anything for your boyfie for valentines yet? well we've got something that might just be perfect for you! ;) we bring you this very simple yet very sexy and adorable preppy printed on t-shirt for guys! It's totally non -restockable so better grab your hands on it before someone else does!

Design 1

Design 2
Spotted by Style2 info and A Shopaholic's Den- THANKS! =D

Brand new
Fits S to M
Size is free size but best fits M
Design 1-SOLD!
Design 2-SOLD!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hey love muffins!

Good news! All the sneak peek preview for bijou bazaar are all for sale now!
so watcha waiting for darlings??


Friday, January 16, 2009


I have absolutely no idea why I name it as "xoxo".It's fabulous,not to mention the designer inspired look together with the gorgeous design.

*Postal rate apply for this item is RM9 for w/msia and RM14 for e/msia*

Sophisticated Darling(SOLD OUT!)

bLook at this adorable darling here.Looks expensive but you can get it at a very cheap price! only in b.o.j! ;D Im totally loving it that I even got one for myself! How can you not love it? plus it's big,you can dump anything you want in it! ;) What's great about this bag is that you know some bag that when you wana use it as a sling bag instead you cant detach the handle,not this one! you can open it and voila! it's a sling bag! :D

++Not restockable!++

Totally detachable!

*Postal rate apply for this item is RM9 for w/msia and RM14 for e/msia*

Boyfriend plaids II (SOLD OUT)

Yes we're bringing in another second version of our old boyfriend tees! and this time it's a second version of our boyfy tee! :D since the last one was non-restockable!we've search high and low for something similar and we end up with this baby right here! yes the colours and all are totally different but still,this one has a much much better quality and we spotted something in dorothy perkins that looks exactly like the one that the model's wearing! ;p

Fits M to L
Recommended for Uk6 to Uk12
Greenish Blue-SOLD!
Redish Brown-SOLD!

Giant Plaids II(Restocked!)

++This item has been proudly Restocked!++

Remember our ever so famous Giant plaids? we now bring you and second version of the giant plaids! I know it looks kinda the same but what makes this different from the last one is definitely the quality! The quality is much better from the last one and the cotton material is slightly thicker but not too thick for our Malaysian weather ;) still thin and breezy and equally fabulous like the first one too! so come grab yours before it's gone again! ;D

Has a pocket too! the old giant plaids doesnt have one! ;DRM45.00
Recommended for uk4 to uk10
Red- 4 SOLD! ,1 Reserved
Purple-3 SOLD!

Studs wonder (SOLD OUT!)

Who loves studs? *raise hands* Oh i do! ;p and dont you just love a bag that you can use it in soo many ways? for instant like this piece here it can be a clutch,a tote, a normal handbag and a sling bag! and that's why I call it the "studs wonder" ;p The straps are totally detachable for you to wear it any ways you want ;) (it has 2 straps one for the sling,1 for the clucth)
Fabulous quality!

Oh sorry forgot to take a picture of the inside,it has one phone compartment btw! ;p

psss...spotted in another blogshop selling the exact same bag for...guess how much? RM45! *GULP*

Red-Both SOLD!

Designer Taste(SOLD OUT!)

This bag is so practical,you can use it to school/college or even to the office! ;) and it's stylish too! These chanel 2.55 inspired metal slings are everywhere now! ;)

Close up ;)RM58.00
Dark Blue-SOLD!

*Postal rate apply for this item is RM9 for w/msia and RM14 for e/msia*

Cherry Chapstick (SOLD OUT!)

More frills! but this time with a cute cherry print on it! ;) Frills(or ruffles,or what ever you call it! ;P) are totally in! This dress just spells cute & sexy! ;D
smocked behind! and fully lining! superb quality too! ;)

Close up on the cherrys ;)
a close-up at the blue one :)

Gingham light(SOLD OUT)

We're bringing in more gingham goodies for you,who says this things are so yesteryear? they are so wrong ;P.Everyone needs a simple boyfriend tees like this,it's comfy plus roomie and cute.You can never go wrong with plaids design,it's evergreen.

Comes with the skinny black belt.

Fits S-L
Recommended for Uk6 to Uk12