Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The zig zag Bag (SOLD OUT!)

Want something simple yet cute AND not forgetting affordable for you to bring it to work OR college? Notice that I emphasize the "or"? scroll down a lil bit more and you'll see why this bag is perfect for both college and work! :D
The design is just simple and nice,not too much and just nice ;) Not forgetting the cute and unique braided strap? and if you don't feel like wearing the braided strap,you can always use the other one where you can make it as a sling or as a normal handbag! yes it comes with 2 straps! How awesome is that? Meaning the straps are detachable! Oh and why we call it the zig zag bag? if you look closely at the strap and at the middle of the bag it has a zig zag design! :P

+non restockable+

If you don't feel like wearing it as a normal handbag,why not change the strap and use it as a sling bag instead! it's perfect for college as it is just the right size for you to put your books in! :D

A closer view at the gorgeous braids strap ;)
and yes totally detachable!

Has a zip closure ;)


Postal rate apply for this item is RM9 for w/msia and RM14 for e/msia

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