Friday, January 16, 2009

Studs wonder (SOLD OUT!)

Who loves studs? *raise hands* Oh i do! ;p and dont you just love a bag that you can use it in soo many ways? for instant like this piece here it can be a clutch,a tote, a normal handbag and a sling bag! and that's why I call it the "studs wonder" ;p The straps are totally detachable for you to wear it any ways you want ;) (it has 2 straps one for the sling,1 for the clucth)
Fabulous quality!

Oh sorry forgot to take a picture of the inside,it has one phone compartment btw! ;p

psss...spotted in another blogshop selling the exact same bag for...guess how much? RM45! *GULP*

Red-Both SOLD!

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