Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Foot loose!

Yes,We're selling shoes for the 1st time ever! yeay! hehe :)

The Devil Wears Prada(SOLD!)

Ultra chic!

Brand New!
Size 38
Via Registered Post:-RM25.00

Via Post Laju:-RM30.00

Yellow Picnic

I love the cute ribbons! dont you?

Brand New!
Size 36
Via Registered Post:-RM 25.00

Via Post Laju:-RM30.00

It says there that each shoe is a size 38 and 36,but seriously both fits size 6 pretty well!

*The prices are all including shipping!*
-An extra RM3.00 will be charged if you live in east of Malaysia-


Gurl_143_Hunny said...

im zima and im 100% interested at tht red shoe. my email address : jeezebelle1811@gmail.com

Bundle.Of.Joy said...

you've got mail! :)