Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Accessorize yourself!

Accessorize your self babes! We have something special for ya girls! and we do allow picture request for this post only,Because we know you wana see it clearer! look at what we have for ya! It's very extra ordinary,I havent seen any shop selling this can use this to wear it as a chain on your jeans,wear it on your hand bags! or be more creative and experiment it yourself! Maybe even wear it with a top! But we suggest you wear it with your hand bags! Spice up your boring old hand bags with this special thingy we have for ya!Be different!

Victorian Lady!
(It has a hook on each side,for you to hook in on ur beg,jeans etc)

Flower Chain
(This one doesnt have a hook,but you use the ribbons instead,to tie em on )
the straps kinda remind me of "channel"

(this one has a hook on each side too for you to hook em)

No we're not selling the bags or the jeans! lol

brand new
Both Victorian Lady and flower chain are selling for RM25.00
Charmed is selling for RM35.00
(I know its a bit pricey,but trust me,its worth it!)
Status:-Victorian Lady-Available!
Flower Chain-Available!

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