Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funky Hoodie(SOLD!)

Ahh yes,the great ol' hoodie.You gotta agree that this piece is one funkylicious hoodie aite? Me love it! do you?Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to M
Recommended for uk6 to uk10


cacah said...

this is so nice! :)

sabrina said...

hott , is it out stock ,
ohhhh :(

Madmazelle said...

no more stock? @@

got more nice hoodie? *wink*

Faye said...

hey there babes! im afraid that this hoodie is non restockable! =(

but we can bring you the exact same design like this but it's a half cropped hoodie with a zipper in the middle...anybody interested?? mail me! =)