Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey love muffins,

Did ya'll went to cap.zoo-ed? I did,but sadly I went there on sunday at the very last minute -__-" (bohooo) so it was not as fun as the first day I guess (LOL) btw,didn't bought any tops instead I bought this uber cool necklace from,have u guys heard of em? OFCOURSE YOU HAVE,(duh!) haha,btw I super adore their necklaces! But didnt bring that much cash( double boo-hoo) so I only bought the "love letter necklace" It's oh-so adorable! ME LOVE! =D Im certainly looking forward on purchasing MORE of their necklaces!and the bf didnt bought anything too,he's just excited bout the "dont panic" package coz there's more stuff than usual -__-" teheheh..that's all for now! :P

till then~

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