Friday, February 13, 2009

Funky Hearts(SOLD!)

Need a lil something to boost up your boring outfit? Why not have this quirky cute and colourful bag! Perfect for college as it can fit a file just perfectly fine! It's stylish too! ;) Let the bag do the talking to show your fun personality!

Has a phone compartment,a zipped compartment, a zip and a magnet closure! ;)

Brand spakin new!
not restockable
Shipping is at normal rate


husnawho? said...

i ADORE this bag. its sooo cute. urm. the price is fixed is it? i really want to get my hands on this bag but i doesn't have any account to make any payment. can't i just pay you in cash? maybe we can meet somewhere. i live in Subang Jaya.

Faye said...

Babe,replied at ur latest blog k! ;)

btw ive reserved it 4 u ;)

husnawho? said...

thank you soo much. :) so, how do this work?

Faye said...

Hey replied at ur latest blog ;)

husnawho? said...

hye. i've received your comment.
what should i call you?
urm. i thot that i could meet up with you on weekends.
i'm only available on weekends.
i have packed classes on weekdays.
i've already have the money now.

husnawho? said...

what do you mean by cod?

btw, sorry i couldn't text or call you. i'm out of credit.