Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lame leggings(SOLD OUT!)

++NOT RESTOCKABLE better get yours before it's all gone!++
No need any introduction for this as this is the hot selling cake for this season,grab your hands on it before it's all gone! *wink

Reviewed by shopping roll! -thanks :D

Brand New
Fits:-Free size
Recommended for uk4 to uk10
Status:-7 sold,
*Use post ekspress and only pay RM4 for shipping,you save more! ;D*



hey there is it still available?
do email me at

Faye said...

mailed ya! :)

MamaIcha said...

already mailed...please check & get back to me asap...tq

tashatash said...

heyya! =)
is diz leggings still available?
reply to me asap cus i rely2 am in love wif diz leggings!
lyke siyes shait!

Faye said...

dear ladies!

this leggings is no longer available
but we do have another which looks exactly like this but without the gold zipper! :)