Sunday, June 7, 2009

Attention love muffins

Hey love muffins!
Great news to all "lame/liquid/wet look leggings" lovers we'll be taking orders for anyone who missed out on it! *wink wink*
But this time,it's without the gold side zipper! it's just the plain one! which Im sure most of ya'll prefer aight?! and the best part is,it's going for only RM30! yee-haaa! Now all you gotta do is mail us to and make a full deposit first (including shipping p.ekspress RM4)
and we'll get it for yaa straight from our supplier! easy as 123! ;D

It looks exactly like our last leggings with the side gold zipper EXCEPT this one is the plain one,meaning there's no zipper or what so ever,just PLAIN BLACK! alright ladies! :)Above is the picture of the leggings that we used to sell,now we only have like the ones below ;)

would look exactly like this picture below!
it's ofcourse stretchable and will fit up to a uk12


afinatales said...

do you still hav this ?? hehe

Fabulous said...


yup we're still taking orders for these babies! ;P

interested? ;D