Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That zipper bag(SOLD OUT)

*Back of the bag*

Description:-Made out of high quality man made leather,has the awesome zipper trimmings,one zipped compartment on the inside.Zipped closure on front,back and at the main opener of the bag,not to mention a magnet closure too .Straps are adjustable and last but not least ,it has a foot stud. ;) Too cute to pass.

Featured in diary of an E shopaholic and your shopping kaki! ;)

If you want us to restock this,a full payment (including shipping) is required and we only go to the supplier's place on Wednesday only,hurry while stock last.E-mail us.

*Shipping for these babies are RM8 (W/msia) & RM10 (E/msia)



Unknown said...

i mnt bag yg cream color 2..

tyraralaa said...

cantik ahh. ada stock lg tak? (;

Faye said...

tyralaa do email us! ;)

Faye said...

we're taking orders now and going to the supplier's place on this wednesday 9th of sept,so do hurry loves! ;D

nadd said...

bag ni ada stock lg tak?

Faye said...

Hello nadd,kalau confirm nak we can restock...but we can only restock on wednesday and you must make full payment k.anything do email us.


fasya said...

ade lg ker?