Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blair (I)(SOLD OUT!)

Why is the name The blair (l)? Because,Ever since I'm addicted to gossip girl,Lately I find myself scouting for something that looks very "blair waldorf-ish!" So I'm sure I'm gonna bring in more Blair dresses! So this is the first one,hopefully you girls love it as much as I do.Yes I use to sell the same dress before and this is restock due to high demand.Get ready for more blair dresses in the future! *wink. you know you love me xoxo (getting in the mood)
Imagine this with a pair of full legged black tights! it just spells out sexy! and dont forget the blair head band! lol (see! told ya Im addicted to blair waldorf!)
I think this looks perfect with this blue (also gossip girl inspired!) channel inspired beg! I just love the slings! and It's sold separately girls! Get your hands on it! :P
Comes in 2 colours! Blue and Green!
A close up just for ya fussy ladies! :P Look at the pleats!

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk12

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