Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The librarian(SOLD)

Take a look at this, totally cute! Are you a fan of gingham tops matches with cardies? well u better be! hihih scroll down a lil and you'll see why! It was totally love at first sight! I love it!If you don't like the lil string down there,you can just simply hide it in your jeans or something and VOILAA! it's gone! tehehe or the other option is to cut it! (which what i will consider do! =p)
A closer look at the gorgeous ruffles gingham top!
You think this is a two-piece top?! THINK AGAIN! it's totally one-piece babes! yes it's a one-piece top! totally saves up all your time in mix and matching doesn't it! the cardie and the gingham top is one piece! yes it's so true!

Brand spankin new!
Fits:S to L
Recommended for uk4 to uk10


Unknown said...

apsal nama dia the librarian?
musykil i...

Faye said...

because it looks like something that i librarian would wear

haha ;p