Monday, September 22, 2008

The GG bag(SOLD OUT!)

Remember the oh-so famous chanel 2.55 handbags with the metal slings? we have something similar and equally fabulous too! It's a 2 way handbag! You can turn it into a sling bag and a normal handbag! It all depends on your mood! =) and comes in 2 colours! AND last but not least,it has a dustbag too! =D

Look at it closely! oh-so Fabulous!! Me like!

Look at the inside,it has a cellphone compartment (yes I know, that's what you girls want!)
Im selling the one white for RM45.00 because of this slight damage!(my bad for not double-checking it at the supplier!) But you can't barely see it from far! and definitely not for the fussy buyers!

Brand spankin new!
Status:-Electric Blue:-SOLD!
Holly White:-SOLD!
The shipping for this one is Rm8.00 (WM)
RM10.00 (EM)

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