Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Denim Leggings (SOLD OUT!)

++BAD NEWS!! ;( THOUSAND APOLOGIES BABES! the supplier just called us and said that they're out of stock too!! just when we taught that we can bring you more!++

We bring you our very own first collection,of denim leggings.Ever feel like one of those lazy days that you just dont feel like putting on your jeans,but instead you want a leggings that has denim material?
voila! we bring you this denim leggings! =D *Lame..haha excuse the lameness.
Superb quality I tell yah! *wink


Dark Blue
Free size
Will fit up to UK12
*model is a uk12*
Black-3 SOLD!
Dark blue-SOLD OUT!


Anonymous said...

i want it!
i want it!
i want it~~~huuhu

Anonymous said...

sold out?
i want this too.

Anonymous said...

want thiss too... plzz...

asilah zafirah said...

dear!if ade jual agy legging denim nihh!kasi tawu i eyh ?i nak beli :)thnx :)
email i jee :)

Anonymous said...

still dont have it in stock?